General Building Services

We carry out all aspects of exterior building from garage builds and dividing walls to chimney building using a variety of brick and stone. Our general building works are predominantly exterior trades which can take any build up to a point of allowing clients to bring in their interior trades such as joiners, plumbers, and electricians etc.

We carry out all 'trowel trades' ranging from a standard roughcast with varieties of chips to more dynamic coatings such as lithomex and intercromex. These newer, more sophisticated coatings have been revolutionary in the building trade since their inception as they now allow accomplished tradesmen to coat walls and chimneys using them to incorporate a 'key' in the final coating which can be a simple series of lines or indents to replicate the look of actual stone.

In most cases, after completion and drying, the subject will look exactly like a proper stone build to the eye. These new applications are approved by all major governing bodies such as Historic Scotland, property conservation, and local authorities, to name but a few. This type of rendering is a great, cost effective, alternative to those wishing to overhaul or build elements of their properties without having to spend the substantial sums of money associated with stone builds.

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